Change of Address


What to do:

Send the Change of Address Form PS-3575, 30 days prior to your move date to ensure timely mail forwarding.

The post office will send your household an official Address Confirmation letter with information about your new neighborhood and valuable coupons to help you get settled.

Let everyone know you’re moving.  Use the PS Form 3576 Address Change Notification cards from the post office.

For the IRS Change of address click here.
Who to Notify:

Magazine and newspaper subscriptions, Banks, businesses, credit card companies, insurance companies.

What Gets Forwarded:

Banks, businesses, credit card companies, insurance companies

First-class, priority and express mail for 12 months.

Periodicals (newspapers, magazines) for 60 days.

Standard mail under 16 oz. (circulars, books, catalogs) not forwarded.

Standard mail B more than 16 oz. (packages) locally forwarded for 12 months.

If you receive mail with a yellow sticker/label attached, notify the sender – they don’t have your new address yet!

Visit the MoversNet at the US Post office website: Click Here