Imagine owning a vacation home where you can relax and unwind. Sales of second homes are on the rise because prices for Orlando FL real estate are lower than they’ve been for years. If you’re thinking about joining the group of happy second-home owners, you need to do a little planning to make sure your new property is an enjoyable purchase.

Think about how far you’re willing to travel.

Make a few drives to the area before you purchase, so that you can see how long it takes to get there and if you’re comfortable with the distance. Most people choose their vacation property within a range of of about 100 to 200 miles from their primary home.

Spend time in the area.

You’ll want to take a thorough look around and check out the local hot spots of where you’re thinking about purchasing vacation property. Find out if the area has what you’re looking for because you won’t spend your entire vacation in the home. For instance, if you like being able to go to the store at nine o’clock in the evening, areas where all the stores close at eight may not work for you. 

Look for a reasonably sized home.

Don’t choose one that could be too large to maintain. Although you might dream of a big, rambling ranch house, this may not be possible for your budget. The bigger the home, the more maintenance it takes. Remember, this is your second home to maintain, so be aware of how much time and money it will take to keep up. 

Hire a home inspector.

When you find Orlando FL real estate that you like, be sure to get a home inspection. Just because the property looks nice to the eye doesn’t mean it will be feasible for your wallet. Some issues, such as bowing walls, may not be visible without close inspection.

A vacation home makes a great weekend and family spot. And, in today’s Orlando FL real estate market, you can get a great home at a great price.